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Fixing the F-Lock Key

Posted in Shorts at 3:09 pm by jw

Awesome article:

This has annoyed me ever since MS took it into their heads to randomly map commands to keys that previously had a very different purpose.


Old “srv” errors still persist in Win7

Posted in Shorts at 10:42 pm by jw

The errors I blogged about previously still exist.  Yay…


Taking the “smarts” out of Vista’s Explorer

Posted in Shorts at 9:40 pm by jw

Saw this in Google today and had to post it – it’s the solution to the thing that’s annoyed me the most about Vista so far:

“cquirke (MVP Windows shell/user)” <> wrote in
> To me, these frills are almost more hassle than they are worth. I
> want List view everywhere, with a minimum of unsolicited content
> groping, but that is at odds with the direction of Vista’s quest to
> “make it easier” and be more effective/powerful.

Set the list view for a folder that’s using the ‘All Items’ template, then
use ‘Apply to Folders’. Then override content-sniffing with my ‘AllFolders’

Copy the text between the lines below into notepad & save as a .reg file.
Watch out for line wrap — [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\…\Shell] is all one line,
there is a space between ‘Local’ and ‘Settings’.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Merging the .reg file will set the ‘All Items’ template for any folders that
don’t currently have a view saved with a different template. You can clear
all saved views by deleting the

“HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags”

key BEFORE merging the .reg file. If any folders open with a different
template after clearing the ‘Bags’ key & merging the .reg file, they most
likely have a template specified via their desktop.ini file.



SecuROM screws Bioshock

Posted in Shorts at 9:49 am by jw

Yet another wakeup call for the software industry on the fact that aggressive DRM is not going to help sales and will cost you far more money than you would ever have “lost” from piracy.

SecuROM still isn’t as intrusive and obnoxious as StarForce was, but it’s certainly heading that way.


Snow and long driveways

Posted in Shorts at 2:37 am by jw

It hurts!  Especially when the previous owner thought driving over the snow in a four wheel drive to make lots of ice was a cool idea.

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