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Bad Code

Posted in Shorts at 6:44 pm by jw

Thanks to Kevin,

if (person = terrorist) {
} else {

If you can spot the error, you know what’s wrong with the new terrorist arrest/detainment/torture law.


What I learned from the Westboro Baptist Church

Posted in Shorts at 4:30 pm by jw

Apparently, God kills innocent Amish children as vengence against a State’s Governor.

Yes – you read that right. Here’s their flyer that they spread around. Honestly, it makes me sick to see people like this call themselves “Christian”, because there is so many anti-christian messages on that flyer that I lost count before even getting half way through it.


My Water Pump Died!

Posted in Shorts at 12:13 am by jw

Monday night, the water pump in my PC died. 

It was making a strange noise, so in a fit of inspiration I took it and shook it a bit, hoping it was just some grit lodged in there.  I guess it wasn’t, because once I did that not only did the noise stop but the water stopped flowing as well.  From there, the CPU temperature on my PC started jumping about a degree a second so I figured it was a really good time to just turn the whole system off.

Of course, this now gives me the opportunity to be a bigger and better pump in it, but while I’m waiting for the parts to arrive I now have a girlie little fan on the CPU, which is annoyingly keeping the processor cooler than the old water system did (though I do admit I have the side off the case and a bunch of components left out because I know I have to pull it apart again when the new cooler components arrive.


Some site updates

Posted in Shorts at 12:45 am by jw

Added a subscription function for those people who might be interested in what I say but don’t want to hit my site in the vain hope I’ve posted something in the last month.  Also finished uploading most of my old camera shots to the gallery, hard to believe how many files there are in that thing now.



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Yay me!  Or something.

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