Nero tells me I’m a criminal

Posted in General at 9:09 pm by jw

After installing Windows 8, I went to reinstall Nero 10 (because they broke Recode in Nero 11 by trying to make it “friendly”) because my daughter likes Fireman Sam at the moment and I wanted to mp4 some of the TV I’d recorded for her.  Turns out that the idiots at Nero have decided that no one would ever keep their product around for as long as I have and through the number of reinstalls I have and therefore I must be a criminal:


This is the problem with stupid DRM decisions.  Had I taken the easy (and cheaper) route of piracy then some cracker would have solved this for me and I’d never have had any issues with the program.  Instead, by paying for the software, I get subjected to random failures like this which require me to justify to the company that I paid good money to that I’m actually NOT a criminal.  What a wonderful way to make me think twice about ever giving money again and just taking the easier, cheaper and better performing route of piracy.

All I can say is they completely lost me as a future customer today (although Nero 11 had me most of the way there anyway).

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