Finally moving, and other stuff

Posted in General at 2:01 am by jw

Moving this weekend so packing up computers to take over to the new house.  Internet is already connected there, so I won’t be offline too long.  While I’m gone, a couple of things that have interested me recently:

Mono is really cool.  Not the disease, the open source implementation of .NET.  I actually took my .NET 1.1 web application, SQL Server database connections and all and it just ran on Apache and Mono.  I had to pick my jaw off the floor I was so surprised.  Absolutely amazing.

Vanguard is a lot of fun.  I’m currently level 24 and it’s slower progress than any other MMOG I’ve played.  Means I get to see everything there is in the game before outlevelling it!

Be back in a couple of days.  Same email, same blog, new home!

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