George knows how the world works!

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Apparently anyone who doesn’t agree with George Bush simply doesn’t know how the world works.  It’s the kind of argument you’d expect from a kindergarten playground – “Yeah, well you’re dumb!”

Of course, this sort of argument would hold the ring of truth if the person making it had demonstrated an ability in the past to accurately predict how the word did, in fact, work so in fairness to George let’s have a look to see just how well he and his advisors know how the world around him does actually work (and I’ll even be nice and ignore his “Bushisms”):

  • Saddam has WMD and we know where they are
  • We’re talking weeks, not months [for the Iraq effort]
  • The Iraqi people will welcome us with open arms.
  • [The Iraqi violence] is the actions of a few dead-enders
  • Mission accomplished
  • Terrorism is the opposite of Democracy” (yet, Hamas and Hezbollah both won many democratic seats)
  • Bring it on
  • The violence is a last ditch effort that will end soon
  • The timetable for Iraq finished when the government was formed
  • If you aren’t with us then you’re against us
  • I have political capital and I intend to spend it

In fact from all of that, I find it hard to remember a President who knew less about how the world worked than the current one.  He’s really managed to bungle practically every foreign affairs matter that he’s touched, so when George Bush stands up and says that he has to spy on Americans for their own protection and if you don’t agree with him then you don’t know how the world works, it’s a fairly good bet that, once again, George really doesn’t know how the world works and sometime soon another of his half-baked plans will come crashing down on America once again.

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