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Well, not exactly slacking, but been pretty busy.  As you can probably see in my gallery we’ve been travelling up north to visit friends in Portland.  Was a fun trip, with a day and a half driving up there via I-5, four days travelling around and seeing the area and then three days returning via Mt Hood, Crater Lake, US-101 and US-1 which was a fantastic tour of the area.

While in Portland I also managed to learn a lot about MythTV while helping Dave install it for his home DVR project.  I actually like it so much I think I’ll be converting my HTPC into a MythTV box as soon as I get back to Pittsburgh and perhaps a little more settled.

Working on finishing up SiN:Emergence and HL2:Episode 1 before the next episodes come out.  Silly EQ2 raiding is taking up too much of my free time to finish all my other gaming projects!

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