The Raiding Situation in EQ2

Posted in Opinion at 9:59 am by jw

I’m glad I’m not a hardcore raider in EQ2 right now.  It’s pretty grim.  Kingdom of Sky is now down to a massive THREE contested encounters that are any sort of challenge, each of which is on at least a one week timer.  This is way down from a half dozen in Desert of Flames and a good dozen or more in the original release.  So, right now for a hardcore guild you’re basically restricted to the exact same instances a casual guild is working on, which really gives you nothing for the extra time you’re willing to devote to the game.

On top of the fact they’re restricted in raiding content, the itemization also leaves a lot to be desired.  For the most part, the hardcore toons are decked out in practically the same gear that anyone in the game who even raids a night or two a week has access to, and you can see that’s beginning to grate.  It’s not that they want to “keep the casual raiders down beneath them”, it’s that they really do deserve some better sparkly pixels for their efforts than the people who put less in http://canadianviagras.com/pill/cialis-black/.

At least for the casual raiders there’s a bunch to do – we currently raid 3 nights a week and have Deathtoll, Lab or Lord Vyemm, Lyceum of Fear and Halls of Seeing, not to mention Goreniere, Talendor, Harla Dar and Pedestal of Sky (yeah, last expansion I know, but I want that BP).  Who could really ask for more?

Been making myself hated on the EQ2 boards lately hashing out this very topic.

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