Oblivion beaten

Posted in General at 4:35 pm by jw

I’ve pretty much finished Oblivion now, with about 110 gaming hours on my latest save game (though I know that I reloaded enough to add at least 20 hours to that).  It really was an impressive game and I enjoyed finding all the quests I could to finish.  I could have closed a lot more Oblivion gates before I finished up with the main quest which shut them all down, but by the time I got to that point I really was tired of running through Oblivion to the towers to shut it down – guess I could have just trained my way and ignored the mobs though now I look back on it.

So, now my character (Maxine) is leader of the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild and Black Brotherhood.  I’m also champion of the Arena and apparently some sort of hero for hanging around the Emperor when the main quest line ended.  I finished most of the Daedra quests, at least the ones that would talk to me, and was really at the point where I’d have to run around the landscape looking for mines and so on to clear just because I could.  By the end I was level 29, with 100 Strength and Personality and master of Blade, Heavy Armor, Alchemy and Armorer.

I think it would be interesting to play through again as both a thief and caster type character.  I have the melee thing down pretty well now but in getting the leadership for the Thieves Guild and Black Brotherhood, I was having a good amount of fun sneaking around and avoiding contact.  Sometime in the future though – I have X3, Tomb Raider Legend, GalCiv2 and B5:IFH to play, as well as my ever-present flight sims.

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