Bruce Schneier rocks

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Just reading through Bruce Schneier’s essays and op-eds and I have to say that as usual he’s an incredibly smart guy who really knows the deal with security, even when it’s applied to non-geek stuff.

From Airline Security a Waste of Cash

Exactly two things have made airline travel safer since 9/11: reinforcement of cockpit doors, and passengers who now know that they may have to fight back. Everything else — Secure Flight and Trusted Traveler included — is security theater.

From Unchecked Presidential Power

Laws are what give us security against the actions of the majority and the powerful. If we discard our constitutional protections against tyranny in an attempt to protect us from terrorism, we’re all less safe as a result.

From Airplane Security and Metal Knives

Maybe people who have watched MacGyver should never be allowed to fly.

Honestly, every one of Bruce’s essays is a must read for anyone who remotely thinks that we are either more or less secure since 9/11, or who is actually interested in their own security.

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