Vegas – Day 1

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Vegas is an interesting place.  I wish Tahnia was here – I’d have a *lot* more fun!

First of all, watching the Steelers/Colts game in a pub in Vegas with 100 or so Steelers fans singing “Here we go, Steelers” was awesome.  While I’m not America’s biggest football fan (I still enjoy the Rugby more than American Football), I did love to see my home team supported so heavily out here and to be part of the winning game that takes them to the AFC final.  I don’t think anyone in the world could argue that being an exciting game.

So, after the game I hung out with some friends who decided to play the Blackjack tables here in Vegas and much to my surprise they did amazingly well, being up over $1000 together after a few hours.  My gambling money (as usual) is severely restricted cause I just don’t have the cash to toss about and my luck is terrible as usual, playing the even odds on Roulette four times in a row and losing all four, followed by getting my only quarter jammed in a slot machine.  That was the end of my gambling day – some things just obviously aren’t going to happen and I’m sure it’s all for the best.

After hooking up with the other guys from work for our official duties, we headed back to the gaming tables at around 10pm and my friend who was already significantly up for the day played another half hour to win yet another $200.  Some people really do have all the luck.  So, after sitting around the bar with four other guys for a few hours (and a few Jagerbombs) the lads got tired of boring scenery and decided to go to a Vegas strip club (topless only cause full nudity in NV means no serving drinks).

What surprised me most of all about the strip club was that while I found the strippers good to look at, seven years of happy marriage meant I really was totally uninterested in the other offerings the club had walking around sitting on people’s knees.  Most of them were cute kids in slut costumes but talking to them really wasn’t a turn on.  If I remember correctly, 4 different ones tried to hit on me with different and original lines before I figured out that sitting in certain spots was a bad idea.  Once I figured out the right “not interested” signals things went much smoother.

Now, I haven’t been to a strip club since being married (not that my wife would really mind, just not been that interested) so in many ways the lack of difficulty I had in turning down the girls from their complete lack of comparison to my wife was refreshing.  It’s nice to know that some temptations are just not there.  I had a good time, but not the sort of good time the girls were hoping to sell me (they could drain your pockets faster than the casino tables), and got out of there with nothing more than a few hideously overpriced drinks to burn a hole in my wallet.

I’m pretty sure the fact I’m not carrying my credit cards or ATM cards with me around Vegas is helping a lot too – nothing like a half hour walk back to the hotel room to really convince you that spending more money isn’t a good idea.

Well, 6am is creeping up way too fast.  Better get what sleep I can before classes start here in earnest.

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  1. Bahd Zoolander Said:

    January 24, 2006 at 8:28 pm

    There is actually a completely nude strip club in downtown Vegas that serves alcohol. They have to so people can stand to look at their hideous girls.

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