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My wife got tired of having her adventure games (like Myst etc.) ruined by me playing some FPS or other noisy thing in the background so has been making me wear a set of headphones when I play the PC lately.  Well, the crappy headphones I had just don’t cut it after a while because they were giving me headaches and sore ears so I went out and got a new pair from Best Buy.  I decided to go wireless mainly because I was tired of getting tangled up in the cords.

Overall the headphones worked out ok – great sound, almost no interference (though an extreme audiophile wouldn’t be happy) and they definitely don’t hurt or give me headaches any more – even with my stupidly big oversized head.  The real star though in my opinion was the AAA batteries I got from Radio Shack the next day – 15 minutes of charge time for over 7 hours of headphone operation is just insanely good.  Those batteries really make the whole thing worthwhile!

It was good to have a wireless device work properly for once – I was really disappointed in the Saitek wireless controller I got because it just doesn’t seem to work properly or the batteries run down incredibly fast.  Definitely have to get rid of that one on eBay to someone who needs a wireless controller more than I do.  Now to convince the wife that I really need their new X52 joystick

Lastly, I’m still amused by Sony’s troubles over their DRM software.  Maybe the execs will finally figure out that pissing off your customers isn’t good business?

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  1. Tallas Said:

    December 7, 2005 at 11:24 am

    Finally getting my dream headphones for Christmas, even though my wife has been using them in the recording studio the past month because they’re better than it had available.

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