Even more graphs!

Posted in General at 10:55 pm by jw

I feel all obsessive/compulsive writing this but I’ve put even more graphs onto my Linux box to monitor it behavior.  This time I’ve found some scripts (that were originally not written in English so bear with some of the labels being in strange languages) which measure all sorts of esoteric stuff like CPU temp, Motherboard temp, voltages, memory usage, CPU usage, paging to swap and plenty of other junk.  At least it tells me that my PC is still on!

In other news, I got my new PC at work today and had some fun playing with it.  Was disappointed to discover that it doesn’t have a DVI output on the video card for the flat panel display and that nVidia doesn’t have 64 bit drivers for Vista out yet.  Oh well, can’t have everything but coming from the pretty glass look on an ATI card to the non-glass nVidia is a fair let down.


  1. dorick Said:

    August 25, 2005 at 4:07 pm

    Hey bud,
    The graphs aren’t accessible. http://throx.no-ip.info/monitoring “This page can not be displayed.

    This new PC, what’s it got under the hood?

  2. jw Said:

    August 26, 2005 at 2:30 am

    Something weird going on with the graphs – http://throx.no-ip.info/monitoring is redirecting to the “internal” name of my firewall, while http://throx.no-ip.info/monitoring/ works just fine. Go figure…

    The new work PC is a Dell Precision 670 – 3GHz Xeon (just one for now), 4G RAM. Nice machine. Now I just have to figure a way to do my dev work on that machine instead of my laptop, but keep the laptop synced so I can use the laptop to work from home. Should be an interesting exercise.

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