Dungeon Siege 2

Posted in General at 3:08 am by jw

Went out to Best Buy and picked this game up today.  It’s been a lot of fun so far – much more depth to it than DS1 or DS1:LoA.  If anything it seems a lot like a sequel to Diablo 2 than a sequel to DS1 with a skill tree for each character, items with “slots” to embed augments in, automatic targetting of the main character off by default, significant storyline and all the other things that made Diablo 2 fun seem to be in there.

Even though I’ve only gotten a few hours past where the demo download left off, it’s still just as high quality as that first little show-off piece was.  Definitely going to play this one to the end.

(And in other news, my Duron 750 is *still* rebuilding the Linux system – onto package 160 of 320ish)

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