Internet Illiteracy

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Browsing the Brell Serilis board, I saw the following gem:

…i dont need english lessions. my spelling sux yes , and maybe ther are them people out ther that have to point it out just to make them selfs feel better , and as far as my gramer goes i dont feal the need to put peroids and such in , i dident know i was back in school wher it matters if this wher school yes i would use the proper peroids and commas and such but im not so shuve it up your expletive deleted and go teach a class are somthing wher thay care.
and oh ye i allredy droped a 100$ are so on english 101 i cant help it that i have AD/HD and my mind races and i thank faster than my hands can type and on top of that i went to crappy elem schools and that my high school was a football factory and as long as you played football you dident even have to atend class to pass , so beffor you make fun of some one thank about the fact that not all of us are pirfect like you

People like this annoy me excessively. Proper English (even vaguely proper English) allows you to communicate with other people. It’s morons like this that have mastered the art of making noise but haven’t yet gathered the collective brain cells to work together and realize that the whole point of making noises is for someone else to hear and comprehend what you are trying to say.

You learn English in school so you can make yourself understood. Morons like this who think people don’t care that you are at least legible and then make weak excuses about not being in school any more and follow it up with their disability and poor childhood sob stories are just worthless disturbances in the gene pool.

You know what? On the internet and especially on message boards everyone gets a clean slate. What you do with it is your business but you’ll find very little sympathy for begging not to be judged on your communication skills. The amusing thing is that in his final “sentence” he is far closer to the truth than he probably realizes. Not everyone is perfect, but at least some of us try to get as close as we can and refuse to wallow in illiterate uneducated indignation when someone accurately points out that you have the absolute inability to communicate on a messageboard.

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  1. Cody Said:

    May 31, 2009 at 11:33 pm


    Just wanted to throw a ‘thank you’ your way for this post. It has been an incredible help in helping to make my point clear in an Essay on ‘Internet Illiteracy’ I’ve been working on for school. Cheers.

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