Retina Display

Posted in General at 6:14 pm by jw

I got an iPad 3 (for my wife – the Transformer Prime is way better for me) and while the screen is very nice, I can’t say that it’s a “revolution” or any of the other idiocy floating around.  It’s actually nothing more special than a HD TV from a viewer’s perspective:

My iPad 3 has 250 pixels per inch, and is designed to be held at 12 inches away.
My TV has about 40 pixels per inch and is designed to be viewed from 10 feet or more.

Apparent pixel size is 400 pixels per inch on the TV, comparing like to like, which blows any of Apple’s “retina displays” out of the water.  Seeing pixels on a BluRay movie or 1080p game like Final Fantasy XIII is flat out impossible, and predates any retina nonsense.  So, they’re nice and all but hardly something unheard of.