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Lara is 34/20/34

Posted in Shorts at 1:18 pm by jw

I was playing Tomb Raider:Legend and my wife was commenting about the unrealistic measurements of Lara.  Well, this required scientific analysis so I got the screenshots, a ruler and measured the major and minor axis of her bust, waist and hips.  Plugging these into an ellipse circumference calculator (which is apparently way more complex than a circle’s circumference) I found that assuming she’s 5’6” then her measurements are 34/20/34.  Yeah – probably a little wasp waisted…


Packing for San Jose

Posted in Shorts at 10:53 pm by jw

I’m moving to San Jose for 6 months for work and we’re giving up the lease on our apartment here in Pittsburgh for that time with the intention of buying a house when we get back. All I have to say right now is it’s amazing how many books my wife and I have collected in the 5 years we’ve been in the states, and it’s even more amazing how damn heavy they are when you put them in boxes to put in storage.


Top 10 OSS Games You’ve Never Played

Posted in Shorts at 1:27 pm by jw

For people looking for a small distraction: Top 10 OSS Games You’ve Never Played



Posted in Shorts at 4:17 pm by jw

I’ve been busy lately (mainly thanks to the EQ2 expansion being released and trying to level up to 70) but I wanted to plug a great free paint package that basically does everything I want a paint package to do – Paint.NET is pretty much amazing for a free download and the guys writing it really have a good sense of how to make something easy to use.  Give it a shot!


Yahoo Widget Engine

Posted in Shorts at 3:05 am by jw

I’ve been having fun playing with the Yahoo Widget Engine, formerly known as Konfabulator.  Lots of cute things there, especially when you can set it up to look a lot like the dashboard in MacOS.  All it really needs is a way to set the default widget positions to something other than ‘Normal’, but that’s a small problem.

At the moment I’m enjoying the Weather, Dilbert, GU Comics and about 10 different RSS feeds all sitting a quick ctrl-F12 away.

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